You should be studying.

I don't know what this word means. I'll look it up in the dictionary.

Sanjay had a stroke.

Arlene wished he were able to visit Boston more often.

I hope Clayton doesn't go to Boston with Johan.

For some years the poor man lived on alone with the children, caring for them as best he could; but everything in the house seemed to go wrong without a woman to look after it, and at last he made up his mind to marry again, feeling that a wife would bring peace and order to his household and take care of his motherless children.

Kelly will take it.

The art of getting appointments when telemarketting.


The cat escaped.

He's a very strange person.

The religion was in its glory in those days.

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John took the lion's share of the lottery winnings; he claimed it was his idea to buy the ticket in the first place.


Mathematics is important in daily life.

It's the rule, not the exception.

I lost my wallet.

Duke said he thought the pilot was drunk.

How long have you known her for?

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Avocado is a fruit.

They tried to cheer me up.

Hypocrisy is prejudice with a halo.

We'll reconfirm your reservation for you.

I love listening to classical music.

She's secretly in love with him.

Nothing had moved.

Gandhi was shot dead.

He's old and crazy.

This is what I love.

I used to think that way.

Arnold is still crying.

I didn't expect such a nasty response to my question.


You're lucky to be alive.

Can you remember the first time you swam?

It was too soft.

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Gail saw an attractive middle-aged lady in the park.

His mother is constantly complaining about it.

Hypocrisy is the height of all evil.

I can't believe that I'm working on a Sunday.

You're the doctor!

Axel had an altercation with a woman who tried to take his parking space.

Donald took a handkerchief out and blew his nose.

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She held the kitten in the same way a mother gorilla would hold her own baby.

I think you're nice.

The scolars quarrel, and the case lies still unsolved in the hands of the judge.

Sherman enters the park with the children.

Ragnar wanted to see you.

The woman calls the man.

Don't forget to see me tomorrow morning.

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Those are all the questions I'm going to answer right now.

The guide will lead us to the famous park.

He had the kindness to help me.

Kylo named his dog Cookie.

Will you go to Boston with them?

Where am I going to sleep?

They opened the road to traffic.

Tricia tried to make Gregg's suicide look like an accident.

Never choose a new vocation just because you are restless.

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A lot still remains to be done.

Norway is the richest country in the world.

I think that it's good and bad that throughout my life I will not be able to forget that event.


He cracked up.

Phillip and Eduardo work hard.

Vassos returned home disappointed.

Justin is thinking of selling his house.

Chuck died happy.

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Do you have your plane ticket?

I'm still working on my report.

I really want to be happy.


I am never home on Sundays.

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I remember that I once received an autograph letter from Santa Claus, full of good counsels.

It's time to move in for the kill.

Do you have a map?


You should pay attention to your well-being.

I suppose I'd better phone her.

I don't think I want to see Space again.

This is a work from Turner's mature period.

I have to get used to it first.


That's not what they are going to talk about.

I am adhering to a strict diet regimen.

Get Unlimited Space Now!

I have no desire to stay here.

Please call a doctor!

I saw someone go into the room.

Are you satisfied with the hotel?

Did the car look old?

If we don't end war, war will end us.

His dad calls him Helge.

This is a life-sized statue.

We need to be very careful.

Roberto claims he was busy.

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Saturday is when I am least busy.

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He selected a pair of socks to match his suit.

This sentence sounds unnatural to me as an American.

We buy eggs by the dozen.


Could you please pick Shigemi up for me at the day-care center?

Let there be an end to wars and weaponry.

April is the month when the flowers bloom.

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Damned, you look good!

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Statistics are easy to misinterpret.

Next Wednesday will be fine.

Everyone has strengths and weaknesses.

We all have problems.

I have a wife back home in Boston.


Eileen is the proper boy for the job.

It's too late to visit them.

I wondered why people were staring at me.

It's totally without precedent for the suspect's attorney to be the true culprit.

Elvis left without me.

Stephanie is past his prime.

If you compare yourself with others, you may become vain or bitter; for always there will be greater and lesser persons than yourself.

He did his best to be in time for the train.

I'm waiting for my boyfriend.

We're going to go now.

I love to be in nature.

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I had some trouble finding her house yesterday.

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He makes mountains out of molehills.

It smells like a trap.

I made efforts to improve my grades.

I'm sorry I missed your party last Friday.

I caught the ball.

In 1880, the Irish boycotted a landowner, Captain C.C. Boycott, for failing to lower rents.

He loaded his stomach with food.

I'm tired. It's been a long day.

To plan one's time properly is a recipe of a successful man, to plan it reasonably is that of a sage.


He's worried that he might be late.

Records show that Halley's Comet has been observed for over 2000 years. Confirmed sightings of the comet go back to 240 B.C.

I've met Lloyd before.

Barry Taylor's name was put forward for the position of president.

Lana heard Josip scream.

Sanjeev is an assistant manager at the company where Lila works.

All the supplies ran out.

I enjoy reading.

You can't have everything. Where would you put it?


Dan was completely confused when he saw Linda with another man.

Admitting what he says, I still think that he is in the wrong.

The small country is making great efforts to keep up with other developing countries.

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Cory turned a somersault.

Particles of dust float in the atmosphere.

These are the results.

Oleg used inappropriate language.

I can't accept this


A new actor was billed to appear as Hamlet.

I know you still remember all the good memories between us.

The airplane is capable of supersonic speeds.

He has been keeping company with Sassan for three years.

Science is based on careful observation.

I worked on a farm.

Please replace the empty ink jet cartridge in the printer.


This one won't.


What are you about?


What are you guys talking about anyway?

I owe my life to you.

Where did you take these photos?

Suresh was not born blind.

Everyone remembers the happy days of youth as his halcyon days.


He rose to his feet to greet me.

Keep your money. I don't want it.

Ravi still doesn't trust Terrance.

I misjudged him.

We are to go on a hike tomorrow.

Did you see yesterday's total lunar eclipse?

The author didn't think his novel would give place to so many interpretations.


Bob wanted a divorce.

I prefer coffee with milk.

They invited me to play cards.


It's not the same without you.

Mike has been making a model plane since breakfast.

Both of us plan to attend your party.